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LiteCommerce 3 is released!

LiteCommerce 3 is Released!

August 3, 2011 — We are excited to announce the first production release of LiteCommerce 3, an open-source PHP development platform for fast and easy creation of e-commerce websites. What makes us even happier is that our work will be used as the software platform for future versions of the X-Cart solution.

Just a year and a half ago, we started working on the project.

What has happened since then?

  • LIteCommerce 3 has been downloaded more than 9K times within two months since the first beta version.
  • It has changed its appearance twice.
  • We have replaced most of the legacy code from LiteCommerce 2 and started using the Doctrine 2 ORM library. Doctrine 2 ORM library
  • We have switched from the commercial software license (LC2) to the open-source license (OSL 3.0)
  • The performance has been dramatically boosted; LC3 is several times faster than LC2.
  • Waterfall development model has been replaced with Scrum.
  • We have integrated LC with Drupal 7. Drupal 7
  • A number of positive online reviews has been received, and a great article has been published on the Ecommerce Developer web site.
  • We have launched the Module Marketplace section and implemented the auto-upgrade function.
  • We have integrated LiteCommerce with the payment services provided by Moneybookers, PayPal Website Payments Standard, Authorize.Net and Quantum. Moneybookers payment services
  • Eleven LiteCommerce modules have been released.

What’s next?

  • Partnering with third-party developers and rolling out more cool modules and services for LiteCommerce.
  • Launching the LiteCommerce Developer Challenge incentive program for module developers with prizes totaling $20K. LiteCommerce Developer Challenge
  • Setting up a partnership program for developers willing to sell their modules through the Module Marketplace section.
  • More communication options for the community.

What makes LiteCommerce 3 so great?

For merchants

  • Free open-source platform
  • Clean and smooth user interface with cool AJAX enhancements (online demo)
  • Quick and easy one-page checkout
  • Good performance
  • Add-on installation directly from the back end
  • Built-in upgrade function to keep your shop up to date
  • Tons of free content-management functions provided by Drupal 7 CMS

For developers

  • Tons of free Drupal 7 modules for creating e-commerce websites for your customers
  • Sell the extensions you develop through the Module Marketplace section in customer shops’ back-ends
  • Extremely modular object architecture
  • Faster development with Doctrine 2 ORM library
  • Doc comments in the source code
  • Wiki for developers
  • Open-source development model and ability to contribute to the project by forking our GitHub repositories