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LiteCommerce ecommerce platform

A free, open source (OSL 3.0) PHP-based platform for fast and easy creation of e-commerce websites. It can operate as a stand-alone solution or like an e-commerce module for Drupal 7.

Download Drupal 7 + LC 3

You are just starting out or have a non-Drupal site

Use our free Ecommerce CMS package to create an online shop with powerful ecommerce features and advanced content-management functions.

Your site is based on Drupal 7

If you already have a site based on Drupal 7 CMS, it can be easily extended with e-commerce features provided by LiteCommerce software.

Why choose LiteCommerce

  • It's free and Open Source so it doesn’t cost a cent in its base. You only pay for some extra features added by modules.
  • Want to sell more? With LiteCommerce you can accept credit cards and PayPal on your site. Increase credibility and maximize conversions.
  • It transparently integrates into Drupal 7 CMS, so you get tons of free content-management functions, themes and modules from the Drupal community.
  • LiteCommerce modules and upgrades are installed directly from within the shop back-end. Developers can add their mods to the module repository.
  • It has a clean and smooth user interface stuffed with AJAX which makes the shopping process very seamless.
  • One-page checkout simplifies the checkout process and increases the conversion rate in your LiteCommerce shop.