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Feature list

Setup & Architecture

  • Free open-source PHP/MySQL solution
  • Can work as a standalone online store and in connection with Drupal CMS with tons of ready-made Drupal modules
  • Web-based installation wizard that installs both LiteCommerce and Drupal (when run from the Ecommerce CMS package)
  • Storefront sections and blocks can be managed in the Drupal user interface
  • Modern object-oriented MVC architecture
  • Flexible modular system allows customizing without hacks to core files and simplifies upgrades
  • HTTPS/SSL support
  • Fully customizable design & layout
  • Compatible with popular browsers:
    IE 7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 8+, Safari 4+, Opera 10+
  • Using ORM technique (Doctrine 2)

Marketing & Promotion

  • Custom search engine friendly URLs (when connected to Drupal)
  • Custom META tags for products, categories and other website pages (when connected to Drupal)
  • OpenGraph meta tags used when sharing product pages in Facebook, Google+ or other social network
  • Featured products, Bestsellers, New arrivals and Coming soon blocks promoting products in your shop
  • Market price
  • Who bought/viewed this product also buy
  • Recently viewed
  • Products on sale
  • Discounts depending on the order total (volume discounts)
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Discount coupons


  • Speed optimized architecture
  • Support for Memcached
  • Following Google and Yahoo! optimization recommendations

Shopping Experience

  • Storefront sections and blocks transparently integrate with Drupal pages into a single ecommerce website
  • Catalog pages are updated via AJAX without page reloading
  • Fast AJAX store-front interface
  • Full drag-and-drop support
  • Products quick look
  • Image galleries with a popup image browser and an in-page zoom function
  • Facebook comments tab
  • Mouse wheel updates product quantities
  • Fast one-page checkout (working for anonimous customers as well

Payment processing

Orders and Shipping

  • Address book
  • Order history for customers and administrator
  • Real-time shipping quotes from Australia Post and USPS servers
  • Unlimited number of admin-defined delivery methods
  • Digital delivery
  • Flat, weight, order total and range based shipping rates
  • International, domestic and local shipping
  • Sales tax and UK VAT
  • Export of the shop statistics to Google Analytics and Facebook Insights

Catalog Management

  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Product options with optional price modifiers
  • Inventory tracking per product
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Downloadable product files
  • Digitally distributed products (E-Goods)
  • Import/export to CSV files